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Brown Curl + Volume Mascara

Brown Curl + Volume Mascara

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Your fav formula, now in a flattering medium- dark brown color. What’s so great about brown mascara you ask? 

Brown mascara is great for women for several reasons:

1. Can give a more subtle and natural look in comparison to black. 

2. Softens Features: Brown mascara tends to soften your features and can be more flattering, especially for those with fair or light-colored hair. 

3. Versatility: Brown mascara is versatile and can complement a variety of eye colors and skin tones. It works well for both cool and warm undertones, making it suitable for a wide range of women.

4. Daytime and Casual Look: Brown mascara is ideal for daytime or casual occasions. It is a great choice for work, school, or any setting where you want to look polished but not overly made-up.

5. Subtle Definition: Brown mascara can help define your lashes without looking too obvious. It can make your lashes look longer and more voluminous while still appearing natural. 

See for yourself! 

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